Mural fest 2017, part 2

More pics from last Saturday when I visited mural fest. As of today some have been completed while others are still in progress or are just starting. 

This wall is begin made by monosourcil

This wall on Duluth is being made by Jason Wasserman

This beautiful wall was done last year by five eight 

Last years wall made by Bik Ismo

Wall in progress by Sbu One

Wall in progress by Fluke of A-shop in dedication to Jackie Robinson, who started his career in Montreal.  

Wall in progress by Scribe CSX

Alleyway art near boulevard St. Laurent

a wall made last year by Natalia Rak

A very cool mural made by Alex Scanner in 2014

Alleyway art near Clark street

A beautiful mural made by Kevin Ledo for the 2014 edition. He is also working on a 9 floor mural for this year. 

Mural fest 2017, part 1

It’s that time of year again! Mural fest takes over St. Laurent street in Montreal. From June 8-18th, 22 new murals, multiple instalations and pop-up shops arrive on the main. This year being the 5th year, the festival expanded, adding some murals downtown and also had art instillation in Old Montreal. As I went yesterday during the 3rd day, all murals weren’t completed or haven’t started yet. I will go back next week to capture all completed and anything else that pops up as well.

New for 2017, mural by Ron English

This new one is being made by Ricardo Cavolo

This mural was made in 2015 by Faith47

This awesome mural was made last year by Buff Monster

This is a new one being made by Fintan Magee, can’t wait to see the finish product.

This aweaome and trippy mural is being made by Mad C. 

An awesome one being made by Dodo of A-Shop crew.

Love this one, made by MC Baldassari for the 2015 edition

This, located on Roy street, is getting a nice spruce up. Street furniture is being installed, and in Montreal fashion, with multiple colours. 

A new one being made by Insa.

Top art is made by Turf One of the AG crew (Art Gang crew), which is about Quebec’s ban on pitbulls and other dangerous breeds, bottom is a new graffiti piece by legends 123klan. 

Much more to come, many more pics of murals and art, including a 9 floor one dedicated to Leonard Cohen.

Plaza St.Hubert art hunting part 1.

Ah, a beautiful sunny day in Montreal. A high of 25C made Thursday the warmest day of 2017 (for now). I decided to explore the now even more popular Plaza St.Hubert located in central Montreal. This outdoor mall is home to amazing restaurants ranging from Latin American cuisines, to Carribean flavours and everything in between. There’s also an amazing amount of art located in alley ways, with more created since I’ve last visited. Here are some of them taken, with more coming in future updates. 

Downtown Montreal adventures part 3

The last pics of a nice walk downtown from the past wednesday. 

AC Marriott hotel + residential under constriction. 

Cool little mural in Chinatown. 

A typical sight in Montreal, more construction. In the foreground we see what will be a mix use project being built by the government of Quebec. The project will have offices, rentals, condos, cultural spaces and food courts. In the background we see the crane for a new 22 floor rental going up. 

Large mural made for under pressure 2016. 

All murals were made for under pressure 2016, the oldest graffiti and hip-hop festival in North America! 

Hope you guys enjoyed the updates! I’ll be exploring downtown and other neighbourhoods once it gets warm again, as it’s currently -18C right now… they’ll be many more photos and written posts coming up in the future as well! 

Downtown Montreal adventures part 2

A continuation of photos from yesterdays walk in downtown Montreal.

As the first two photos show, the downtown area has a unique urban build. From old victorian row houses to shiny new glass towers 2 blocks away.

One more of the amazing and continuing transformation occurring near the Bell Centre. L’avenue  (blue/black glass tower in the middle) is the tallest residential building in the city…. for now. 

The brand new Maison de la danse. The new building is dedicated to dance and cultural facilities, as well as the glass facade turning into a giant projection screen for events.

Continuing the rapid transformation going on at Place Des Arts is the new national film board of Canada’s headquarters. Currently under construction. This building will also have space for cultural facilities and has the goal to interact with pedestrians. In the foreground we see activities for Montral en lumiere, which is in its last week.

Art piece for Art Souterrain (underground art) taking place in the underground city of Montreal. I will be back to take more pics of this, as it’s very spread out. 

A common sight in the eastern part of downtown, where street art takes the spotlight.

Downtown Montreal adventures part 1

It was a gorgeous day today, a high of 10 Celsius, sun shining and beautiful blue skies. I took advantage of the weather and decided to walk almost all of downtown.

The Bell Centre cluster with tour des canadiens phase 2 under construction in the foreground. 

An abandoned brick building being demolished to make way for a 28 floor hotel and a 50 floor condo behind it. 

Both top images taken from Phillips Square, showing the rich architectural fabric of downtown Montreal.