The Canadian Grand-Prix 

It’s that time of year again! For the this weekend, all eyes will turn to Montreal for the Canadian Grand-Prix! This event attracts hundreds of thousands, if not, millions of people to our beautful city. In addition to that, celebrities, politcians and insanely beautiful cars make their way for the event. The Grand-Prix is part of our culture and heritage. Today I went to the festivities downtown before heading to mural fest, which will be in the next update.

Plaza St.Hubert art hunting part 1.

Ah, a beautiful sunny day in Montreal. A high of 25C made Thursday the warmest day of 2017 (for now). I decided to explore the now even more popular Plaza St.Hubert located in central Montreal. This outdoor mall is home to amazing restaurants ranging from Latin American cuisines, to Carribean flavours and everything in between. There’s also an amazing amount of art located in alley ways, with more created since I’ve last visited. Here are some of them taken, with more coming in future updates. 

Throwback Thursday: Summer and Autumn in Montreal.

After having one of the worst snowstorms recently in Montreal history (we got 40cm of snow), I find it rather fitting to post pictures of warmer and sunnier days (for the most part). Do not worry fellow Montrealers, warmer weather is on the way!

Mont-Royal from the observation tower located on top of the Olympic tower. This view is 175 metres above! If you look closely, you can see the dome of St. Joseph’s oratory.

A nice Autumn day at Beaver lake, located on top of Mont-Royal. This park is a nice place to relax, study, have a picnic and spend time with family, friends, or loved ones.

A mural made on Rue Duluth by Chris Dyer, one of the many various art pieces seen on this street.

The 41st Carifiesta taking place in downtown Montreal. This festival is amongst the hundreds of cultural festivals that happen in the city. This festival celebrates the many countries and cultures located in the Caribbean. Carifiesta also shows off the large Caribbean community Montreal has and attracts in excess of 500,000 spectators for the day.

Yet another festival in downtown Montreal, Just For Laughs fest! this is the world’s largest comedy fest, attracting 2 million + spectators over 2 weeks. Along with comedy fests, they offer free concerts and various activities. Along with this fest, Nuits D’Afrique (2-week festival showing cultures, music and food from African countries) and Zoofest take place, including a large food truck festival.

Old Montreal with Place d’Armes, a very beautiful public square. This area is always beautiful, no matter the weather.

And finally, a very typical Montreal scene, a large wall mural in Le Plateau. Montreal has thousands of murals and street art pieces of all sizes, and I recommend for tourists and local citizens to go street art hunting, as you’ll end up discovering new places and awesome shops as well.

Downtown Montreal adventures part 3

The last pics of a nice walk downtown from the past wednesday. 

AC Marriott hotel + residential under constriction. 

Cool little mural in Chinatown. 

A typical sight in Montreal, more construction. In the foreground we see what will be a mix use project being built by the government of Quebec. The project will have offices, rentals, condos, cultural spaces and food courts. In the background we see the crane for a new 22 floor rental going up. 

Large mural made for under pressure 2016. 

All murals were made for under pressure 2016, the oldest graffiti and hip-hop festival in North America! 

Hope you guys enjoyed the updates! I’ll be exploring downtown and other neighbourhoods once it gets warm again, as it’s currently -18C right now… they’ll be many more photos and written posts coming up in the future as well!