Future Montreal Projects: Focusing on smaller scale projects.

This future Montreal projects update will focus on the smaller scale projects in terms of height and magnitude. The projects show here still add to the overall density of the city and eliminate surface parking lots as well. The Montreal market still remains very strong and also very healthy with no signs of over saturation. Because the city continues to boom and due to strong FDI numbers, population growth and investments, the growth will continue in 2019 and beyond.

Other updates

-The next future projects update will be a big one, including Maestria that was announced a few months ago, we’re waiting for news on some other massive projects.

-Rumours of a 205m/673ft mix use tower where Gare Central is, it will be office/condos. If realised, this will be the 4th 200m tower in the city and will quadruple the amount of 200m+ towers the city has.

– More projects are being discussed that are in the 15-25 floor range as well, but no renders yet. Once they are available, another update will be published.

-The projects mentioned as usual are proposals but have a very high chance of happening/some have started construction already.


1. 15 Viger Ouest: 9-Floors (Chinatown)


This project will have three commercial businesses on the ground floor and 94 residential units. This area is where the tragic fire that took down Édifice Robillard, Canada’s first cinema and also took down a Cuban coffee shop that just opened months prior in 2016. After sitting vacant for years, it’s nice to see a project taking over and filling the lot.

2. Hampton Inn & Serenity Condos: 13-floors (Chinatown)

Right across the street from the first project will be a hotel and condos. The addition of another hotel in Chinatown and more residents will only help out the neighbourhood further. Construction has started already (picture in the construction update) and should be completed by 2020.

3. 1664-1682 Lincoln: 18-Floors (Downtown West)


This highrise will have 118 units and will add more density in the Western part of downtown. No idea when exactly it will start but this image was taken from one of the council meetings the neighbourhood has once a month. Notice the large variety of window styles, which can come off as sporadic yet innovative as well.

4. Enticy: 24-Floors (Downtown Core)


Image result for enticy condo

This spectacular project will be another amazing addition to the ever-evolving Rene Levesque street. With more projects to be announced in this area (lot’s more to come) this project stands out for its unique design. The project has 185 units and is expected to finish by Spring 2021.

5. R sur la Montagne/ Roccabella phase 3 (Bell Centre district)


Another highrise to rise up in the Bell Centre cluster! Although smaller than the 40-50 floor towers in the area, this will still contribute to the density of the area now nicknamed Montreal’s “Manhattan”. The project will have 160 units, commercial businesses on the ground floor and add more vibrancy to the area. Pre-sales start February 2nd, so I’d snatch up a unit for sure before it’s gone.

6. 366 Sherbrooke Ouest: ~20-Floors (Downtown Core/East downtown)


Probably one of the densest areas downtown might get yet another highrise building. Located near Place des Arts, we can see the fifth tower erected in this plot of land since 2008. The area has C-lofts, Le Peterson, Hilton Garden Inn and the recently completed Le Smith. If this tower does go through, it’ll be another hotel* with 270 rooms and services as well.

-More news is on the way with projects and 2019 will look like another record-breaking year for Montreal! stay tuned for many more updates to come.


Enticy: https://www.enticycondos.com/project?utm_medium=referral&utm_source=guidehabitation.ca

366 Sherbrooke: https://www.jesta.com/fr/portefeuille-immobilier/

R sur la Montagne: https://www.rsurlamontagne.com/





1 Comment

  1. Those Chinatown developments are pretty disappointing. The Hampton Hotel in particular takes away from some of the distinctive Montreal character for an absolutely hideous and unmemorable building.

    The windows on #3 are certainly different but the render does not do it much justice.


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