Downtown Montreal construction update: December 15th, 2018.

Having some spare time and the weather finally cooperating, I finally took a nice walk downtown yesterday to check out all the new projects going up at the moment. Starting from St. Laurent and ending at Atwater, it’s awesome to see cranes all over the downtown area and not concentrated in one area. This update is a large one as well, so I hope you all enjoy the pictures and the continuing evolution of downtown Montreal.


Laurent & Clark phase one (20-floors) with about 15 floors completed. Phase two should be starting in the new year.


Myraide (22-floors) now complete and has commercial shops on the ground level such as an IGA and Starbucks.


Le Carré Saint-Laurent phase one nearly done and adding much-needed life to this area of downtown, which still needs a facelift. Not much is known about Phase two, it can be either a 20-floor hotel or condos. In addition to these, a large food hall with 50+ local restaurants will open as well.


The project has high-quality glass and materials.



Digging for a 13-floor hotel + condos in Chinatown called Hampton Inn & Serenity Condo.


Seen in this picture from left to right: Monville hotel, Brix condos, renovations going on at 400 Rene-Levesque into a rental, Courtyard Marriot (blue glass) and A.C Marriot next to it.


Humaniti climbing up at a rapid pace. The mix use project will have commercial space office space, a hotel (Autograph by Marriot) rental and condos.



Digging continuing for 628 St. Jacques (120m/394ft tall)


The lot that will host the National Bank’s new HQ (1.1 million sq ft) and Victoria Sur Le Parc, both projects will be 200m/656ft in height.


21e Arrondissement by prevel, phase one to three are complete and phase four to five is under construction.


Phase 4-5 u/c


What I love about this project is how it has an abundance of restaurant/commercial shops at ground level. Montreal does this very well compared to other North American cities, as ground level is usually garages or just entrances without any commercial.


The Bell Centre cluster getting taller and denser.


Parc Bonaventure with Griffintown to the right.


To the left, the crane is assembled for Le Duke, a 25-floor rental project.


Tour des Canadiens phase two is nearly complete and it’s astonishing how fast this tower went up. Within a year and a half 54 floors were built and covered in glass. To the left, cranes for TDC phase 3.


The tower is 168m/551ft tall.


L’Avenue dominating the skyline as the tallest residential tower (for now) in the city, at 184m/604ft.


Looking towards the sky with TDC2.


Construction has started with the pedestrian pathway connecting the condo to the Bell Centre/courtyard. Future residents of the condo just need to walk here to attend hockey games, concerts and all of our famous bars and restaurants.




Tour des Canadiens phase three already pouring the fifth floor! don’t be surprised by the same time next year for the tower to finish pouring all floors.


Phase two of YUL condos finally above ground.


YUL phase two again with TDC1 in the background.


L’Art rental project (16-floors) is a very nice filler project.


Centra condos phase three topped off, while a 24-floor condo will be built in the foreground while preserving the homes as well.


The area around Bell Centre has changed dramatically in the past three years with 10 skyscrapers and multiple high rises, and now two are under construction/ four are proposed with much more to come.


YUL in the background with what will become Quinzecent in the foreground


Another picture of the Griffintown skyline taken from Earnest Cormier esplanade, again showing how much has been built in the past four years.


Phase one of Union sur le Parc rising, with phase two starting shortly as well.



Cranes assembled for the Children’s hospital project


Another vantage point of the project where six towers will rise.

Montreal continues to grow at an astounding pace, and 2019 will be an even better year as some of the largest projects in the city’s history (building wise) will start. More updates to come including another future projects update.

Past updates: (future projects)

Past updates: (construction pics)



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