The 514 trip report: Canada’s Wonderland!

It’s been a while since my last post! life has been very busy but I have returned and with a special update. Recently this past weekend I had the time to visit Canada’s premier destination amusement park. Located in Vaughan, Ontario, Canada’s Wonderland is the country’s best amusement park and also known to be one of the top parks in the world. With 16 (soon to be 17) roller coasters, 60+ rides, a 20 Acre water park and by 2020, a new resort, this park has it all. I must say that two days, perhaps even three days in the summertime is needed in order to do it all. This trip report will consist of ride reviews, rides I did and overall thoughts. In addition to this, I did not take pictures of every single ride since the park was very busy and the hours were only 10am-8pm. Enjoy the review and also what’s in store in 2019!20180912_233005.jpg Leviathan, seen from the parking lot. This and Behemoth are the top two coasters, but a third coaster will tower over the park as of next year.

Wonder Mountains Guardian(x1 Saturday, x1 Sunday): This worlds first combines a shooting arcade style dark ride with a roller coaster. The ride takes place inside Wonder Mountain, as well as having outdoor portions. The coaster is 60ft tall and the lift hill is outside the mountain. After the lift hill, riders drop to the right and then go on a small incline, bank right back into the mountain and the dark ride begins. There are five scenes in total and at the end, there’s a worlds tallest 30ft drop track! The ride itself is great for all families and is a fun ride, but it can be hard to see and some guns didn’t work. Overall: 3.75/5received_1871913072889407.jpegVortex (x2 Saturday, x1 Sunday): A classic Arrow-Dynamics suspended coaster and by far the best in the world. These rides are classics and there are only five remaining in the world, with four of them located in North America. Vortex was built in 1991 and still provides riders with amazing rides daily. The ride is 91ft tall, with an 85ft drop and speeds up to 80km/h. The ride is much smoother than before and still very intense. Overall: 5/520180908_210552.jpgVortex seen with Soaring Timbers 20180909_194205.jpgLumberjack: The new thrill ride for 2018 takes passengers upside down multiple times at over 70ft in the air and also gives a strong sensation of hangtime. The ride was very fun and is a hit with guests at the park. Overall 5/520180908_111407.jpgFlying Canoes: This ride was also new for 2018 and is a family attraction. What’s cool about this ride is on the right side, there’s a black button. When pushed and held, your car goes up in the air and goes back down once you let go of it. You can control the desired height you wish to be. Fun ride as well! Overall: 3/520180908_210643.jpgSilver Streak: This Vekoma junior inverted coaster is a fun ride for families and kids and is a good starter coaster for you to start on. The ride itself is fun, but in typical Vekoma fashion, the turns were very jerky and uncomfortable. Overall: 2.5/520180908_114609.jpgA classic from 1981, Ghoster Coaster! riding this ride was fun, another family coaster but this was smooth and again, a good starting coaster for kids and families. Overall: 3.25/5received_322660175154746.jpegShockwave: This ride is a Top-Scanner ride that flips guests around in multiple directions, upside down and at weird angles as well. It’s a fun ride with good lateral forces. Overall:4.5/5received_528776214240913.jpegKlockwerks(x1 Saturday, x1 Sunday): This classic ride spins riders and simultaneously shoots riders up and down in intervals. The ride is fun for families and thrill-seekers and is a must do. Overall:4.5/520180912_231919.jpgLeviathan (x2 Saturday, x4 Sunday): It’s the biggest ride at the park and in all of Canada. Leviathan is a 306ft giga coaster, making it the 9th tallest in the world. The ride goes 92mph over 5,486 feet of glossy smooth B&M track. I’ve ridden Leviathan at least 20+ times and I gotta say it was running faster than I remembered. The drop is intense, the turns are taken at a fast pace and you get a decent amount of airtime. From strong floater air on the airtime hills to ejector air on the speel hill. I must say a front-row seat is better than the back, as you feel the speed more and you get more airtime on the speed hill in the front. Overall: 5/5

Drop Tower: A typical free-fall tower ride from 230ft, a fun and thrilling ride but of course it is short. Overall: 4.25/520180909_194008.jpgRide#11: Windseeker: A fun swing ride with a thrill, instead of being low to the ground, Windseeker does it at 301ft above the park. It’s a fun yet thrilling ride that everyone can ride. It’s also great for sightseeing as well. Overall: 4/520180912_231949.jpgConstruction of Yukon Striker seen from Windseekrs queue line. Once built, this will be the worlds largest, fastest and tallest dive coaster!20180908_210757.jpgBehemoth(x1 Saturday, x3 Sunday): This was originally Canada’s largest coaster from 2008-2012. Behemoth is a 230ft hyper coaster that offers an abundance of airtime, along with good forces and great speed. Behemoth, like Leviathan, was running much faster this year and the airtime was much stronger as well. I would say it was a mix of floater/ejector as my butt popped out of the seat rather than floating out, yet it wasn’t as strong as ejector airtime. I only got one ride Saturday as the line was about 90min, but Sunday got 3 rides in a row. With that said I’m still undecided as to which coaster is better, Leviathan or Behemoth. Overall: 5/5

After Behemoth, we rode Orbiter and Night Mares. Orbiter is a HUSS SkyLab, while Night Mares is a HUSS UFO. Both rides are similar except for the fact that when you are on Orbiter, you’re sitting down and then tilted at an 87-degree angle. While on Night Mares, you’re standing and tilted at 90 degrees. Overall: Orbiter 4/5, Night Mares: 4.5/5

—Day 2–

Day two at the park was colder and overcast but didn’t stop me from attending. I rode almost all rides from day 1 (which I won’t write about again). I’ll be reviewing rides I didn’t ride on day 1.

Psyclone: A Mondial frisbee ride, guest are swung back and forth, while spinning until they reach a maximum height of 120ft. Very fun ride but a short cycle. Overall: 4.25/5

Dragon Fire: A classic Arrow coaster from the 80’s and still very forceful and pretty smooth. Definitely a good coaster for families and for others who want to build the courage to go on bigger rides. Overall: 4/5

Soaring Timbers: This flat ride is the first of its type in all of North America. it’s a pretty funky ride as the mechanics of it are similar to Shockwave, but different cars and it does not go upside down. It swings you left and right while you’re changing elevation as well. Really fun and odd ride. Overall 4.5/520180909_194122.jpgSledgehammer: Speaking of firsts, Sledgehammer is the world’s first and only HUSS Giant Jump 2 ride. Riders are spun and shot up and then dropped down. The ride has had many issues, but because Canada’s Wonderland and Cedar Fair have shown love and dedication for this ride, it’s operating and still is an amazing ride. Overall: 5/5

Backlot Stunt Coaster: Previously themed to the Italian Job, BLSC is a family thrill launch coaster. Reaching speeds of 40mph, it features small drops and a very twisty layout. The ride is fun but the effects are no longer on, which takes away a lot from the ride. Overall: 3.75/5

Minebuster: A classic wooden coaster from 1981, this ride is definitely smoother than the last time I rode it. I was pleasantly surprised and it made for a fun ride! you do get some airtime on it, but the rest of the hills are flat and elongated. Overall: 3.5/520180912_095305.jpgLeviathan seen from Thunder Run, which is a family powered coaster located inside the mountain. Definitely a good ride for the family as well and nicely themed. Overall: 3.25/5

Wild Beast: Another wooden coaster that opened with the park in 1981, and unfortunately this ride is terrible. It’s very rough and painful and not enjoyable at all. I do hope it’s RMC’d or torn down for something better. Overall: 0/5

Boo Blasters on Boo Hill: A family-friendly dark ride shooting game. The ride itself is okay, felt very empty and shooting targets is way too hard. I do hope some improvements can be made because it has the potential to be a better ride. Overall: 1.5/5

–NEW FOR 2019!–As seen above, Canada’s Wonderland will be welcoming Yukon Striker in 2019! The coster will be the Longest (3,625ft), Tallest (245ft) and fastest (80mph) dive coaster in the world and the third B&M coaster at the park. With Yukon Striker and other rides at the park, Canada’s Wonderland will have a fifth themed land called Frontier Canada. Originally planned for opening in 1981, the plans did not commence, thus to finally have this themed land coming to life and to celebrate Canada is a long time coming but worth the wait.

20180912_095145.jpgThe ride will have four inversions, as well as a drop that goes under Vortex/under water. 20180909_133530.jpg20180909_194056.jpgV frame up for the first section of the lift hill (which was put in place the week after)20180912_231550.jpg20180912_231620.jpg20180912_095111.jpgSaying goodbye to Leviathan and CW

Overall: Canada’s Wonderland still remains Canada’s best amusement park. Ever since Cedar Fair took over the park (and others) from Paramount, the park has seen additions such as Behemoth, Windseeker, Leviathan and Wonder Mountain’s Guardian, in addition to thrilling flat rides and water park expansions. With Yukon Striker coming in 2019 and a resort in 2020, the park’s future is very bright and I can’t wait for what new rides will come in the future. Overall: 4.8/5


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