Grand Prix Weekend (June 8-10)

Every June, hundreds of thousands of people from around the world flock to Montreal for the F1 Grand Prix race. One of the largest racing events in the world, the city becomes a magnet ifor fancy cars, celebrity sightings, massive parties and of course racing. Here are some pictures from that weekend, along with various events that coincided with the GP.

As usual, nice racing cars are on display on Crescent street.

There was a tire changing challenge going on. In the picture are a group of friends from Toronto who decided to enter.

As tradition, nice cars line up on St. Catherine to show off their rides. Cars go slow so people can take pictures of them.

Making our way to Peel street, where it’s also closed off. Cars are lined up here as well and they also have other festivities, such as a go cart track and a free EDM show.

Finally, the free EDM show at Square Dorchester. This was taken earlier in the day, but it got very crowded at night. It was nice to enjoy the sun, sit back, have a beer and enjoy some music. The F1 event and festivities get larger every year and I cannot wait to see what’s in store for next year.


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