Mural fest 2018, Update #1

One of my favourite festivals in the city has kicked off! Mural fest once again brings 18+ new art pieces to the city, along with block parties, concerts, various art exhibitions and other artwork of course. As the festival just started, most murals are in prep stage or have had a decent amount of work done for now. As the festival progresses, I will be visiting often. This weekend is also jammed pack with festivals/events such as Fringe festival, F1 and Le Franco’s festival to name a few. Here are some pics of new murals/other murals from previous years taken Friday. 20180608_183712.jpg

Progress so far on Micahel Reader’s mural


Demsky’s mural in progress.


Mural made by INTI


Mural made by Hsix, he was touching it up as well when I took the picture.


Mural made by Monosourcil.


The progress of Ben Eine’s mural. Although it is just a purple coloured wall, work should be starting very soon.


Right across is Poni + Cyrielle Tremblay’s mural.


Dodo from A-shops mural from last year, a classic. It also got touched up due to the number of tags it had.




MUral made by Jason Wasserman


Mural underway from WhatIsAdam


A classic from Bik Ismo, which also got a nice touch up from the ridiculous amount of tags.


Fluke from A-shop mural from last year.




Mural underway by Jeremy Shantz.


Mural underway from Waxhead!




Mural underway from Smithe


Mural made last year by Aydin Matlabi + Miss Me

So far most murals were underway and a few were in the prepping stages. Compared to previous editions, many murals are getting replaced. Usually, the number is about 3-4 per year, but this year it’s roughly 6-7. Regardless, expect 18+ new murals from the festivals and more art pieces from other artists scattered around the area. More updates will be coming shortly!


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