Downtown Montreal construction update 13/4/18.

Another update showcasing the ever-changing landscape of downtown Montreal. Most projects are near finishing or complete, but many more will be breaking down soon!


Four Seasons hotels/condos (18-floors)





YUL phase 2 (120 metres) with L’Art in the background (16-floors)

Bell Centre cluster with TDC2 being topped out

TDC2 topped out at 168 metres. All that’s left is the crown and finishing touches

Impact of TDC2, with TDC3 construction starting. Both towers will be 168 metres tall.

Sales office for the 975 Lucien-L’allier project.

Drummond phase 1 nearing completion, with phase 2 digging.

TDC2 making an appearance in the background.

Le StanBrooke nearing its final height. It’s on floor 17 out of 19.

Le Smith at 26-floors is rising quickly and making an impact.

The density around this area is astounding. All these buildings have been added within the past three years.


Crane for Laurent & Clark is assembled. Phase 1 is U/C, while phase 2 has started selling units.

Carre St. Laurent making a huge impact in the entertainment district.

Humaniti (120-metres) with two of the four cranes assembled.

Brix, 16-floor condo project progressing nicely.

Humaniti again

Finally. 628-St. Jacques.

More projects will be coming down the pipeline and I’ll be showcasing their progression. When it comes to news, Montreal is poised to get a new 200-metre tower by Broccolini, and the B.N HQ is rumoured to be between 140-200 metres tall as well. Let the good times roll in Montreal!


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