Underground art Montreal

This post shows some highlights of mine from various art exhibits in the underground city. Starting from an art gallery in Place des Arts and going through the underground pathway showcasing this year art souterrain works.


Salle d’exposition, Place des Arts

Gallery: Théâtre Sans Fil

The art gallery showcased 47 years of work from the theatre sans fil. From puppets and props used from various shows. I haven’t seen any shows from the theatre, but the work of art and craftsmanship was amazing nonetheless. During the exhibit, they also showcased videos and had workshops for kids as well.







More info: http://www.theatresansfil.ca/en/index.asp

Fr: http://www.theatresansfil.ca/en/index.asp?Lang=FRENCH


Art Souterrain

This was the second time I went to Art Souterrain, which connects the entire underground network downtown with art galleries and exhibits. This year edition had a range of social issues, to superheroes of New York, cultural diversity, weird videos and so on and so forth.


All these posters were ads in Spanish and all from the United States.


Hammocks hanging in the air.


Various country flags engraved on a large plaque.



Both pieces are located in the Montreal World Trade Centre, the mural is permanent, while the art piece above was for the festival.


Various paintings located in the hallway connecting from the ICAO to Le 1000.

For those in Montreal, Art Souterrain ends in two days! check it out while it’s still here!



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