A beautiful winters day

Finally, after finishing my semester at school and the end of my sickness, I took the opportunity to explore parts of Montreal earlier today. Taking advantage of the sun and not so cold weather, I decided to walk in Le Plateau neighbourhood of the city, especially since it’s been months.

While walking, I finally found this alley of murals and various artworks. This was done this past summer as an “offmural” fest. Local artists gathered in this alley and painted artworks in honour of Akira, who was a Montreal graffiti artist in the 80;s. This piece was made by Chris Dyer/Barry Walsh.

In this pic, we have various artists such as futurlasornow, Dany Morisette, cryote.pup, and waxhead.

More art from waxhead

A wildstyle piece by Hest

A beautiful piece by Slast

Another wall with multiple artists such as Germdee, Adida, Jest, Tiburon, Themetanoist.

This piece has Chris Dyer,

A wall made a couple of years ago, unfortunately, I do not know the artist.


Wall made by Gwan

Here is a gem by Sloast

Germdee with the amazing work as usual.

A wall made by Dfek Zek

Another wonderful piece by Sloast and Jest



I love the European vibe this area, in particular, has, not only architecturally but also the way it was designed.

This can pass off as a Philly meets Montreal meets Europe corridor.

And finally to end off, a very artistic picture of the area.

2017 is coming to a close, and since it was a big year in Montreal, there will be a best of 2017 post. It’ll include pictures I took, friends took and if anyone would like to share their pictures of Montreal please do let me know. Just make sure to leave your name for credit!


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