A day in the life MTL

Another splendid day in Montreal, showing others around this beautiful city. Walking around the city, we all saw the offerings of Montreal, from art, to architecture, and everything in between.

A 9 storie tall mural of Leonard Cohen by Kevin Ledo.

St. Laurent Boulevard, a street with numerous buildings going up to complement the stores, restaurants and nightlife options

Crew cafe in Old Montreal, located in what was once a bank, making it one of the most beautiful cafes in the world.

Old Montreal in all its beauty.

The city from Mont Royal, where you can see the skyline evolving and if you look closely, the pillars of the new Champlain bridge.

The city looking towards the east.

A typical Montreal side street, where it’s closed off to cars, activities are in place and art is made for all to enjoy.

This side street, next to Jean Talon market, has art in place along with benches, plants, sidewalk chalk so people can make art or write everywhere, and games such as pétanque amongst others.

And last but not least, some art located at a green alley, one of the hundreds in the city.


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