Montreal Microbreweries

When it comes to microbrews and craft beers, Montreal is known around the world as a top destination for amazing craft brews. The options in this city are endless and the variety of beers is nothing short of amazing, whether it be craft beer, or if you want to try Quebec’s finest, we have it all. Choosing a top micro-brew is the hardest, so here are a few of my favourite sports for trying Quebec beer and in-house brews, with more to come.

  1. Vices and Versa

Photo credit: Felix Girard

Location: 6631 St. Laurent, Hours: 11:30am-3am

This Brewpub/Resto is located in the heart of Little Italy on Saint Laurent street. Vices and Versa has a selection of 35-40 beers from various breweries from Quebec and a beer menu that changes occasionally. In addition to a wide variety of Quebec beer, the food is top notch, from amazing nachos to poutine, and the vibe is very relaxing yet busy. If you go, I do recommend sitting outside, well…. except when it’s -20C.

2. Dieu du Ciel

Photo cred: Laurier Ouest website

Location: 29 Avenue Laurier West, In between rue Clark and St. Laurent, hours: 3pm-3am

This was my first brewpub experience in Montreal. The beer is made in-house and is excellent. Dieu du Ciel has a wide selection of 20-40 beers as well as finger foods available to accommodate your beer. I recommend showing up early, as the place gets packed quickly. Once inside, or outside, the vibe is festive, from university kids to beer connoisseurs to tourist trying a landmark in the Montreal beer scene.

3. Bar Alexandraplatz

Photo credit: Cindy Boyce

Location: 6731 Esplanade Ave, Hours: 4pm-12am, Thursday-Saturday until 1 am (the bar is opened summer time only)

This lovely bar was discovered when I was walking around in the new hip area of Mile-Ex, which is near Little Italy, Mile End and Parc Ex. This pub has an amazing ambience, and great beer as well! the beer is made next door, so you know it’s made fresh. The bar also has an outdoor section, so if you want to enjoy the sun and the occasional food truck/art fest that takes place near here, this is the perfect place.

4. Pub Brouhaha

Photo cred: Brouhaha website

Location: 5860 De Lorimier Ave, hours: 11am-3am

This brewpub is located in the Rosemont borough in Montreal. Brouhaha not only makes their own beer but also sells beers from different Quebec breweries, giving it a nice selection of about 20 beers. In addition to that, the food here is top notch and is a meeting place for students and residents in the neighbourhood, giving it a sense of community.

5. Le Saint-Bock

Photo cred: fiveprime

Location: 1749 Rue St. Denis, hours: 11:30am-3am

And finally, the bar I’ve gone to the past couple weekends, Le Saint-Bock, an amazing brewpub in downtown Montreal. Home of the beer mural and the sweet Jesus, which at the moment is the strongest beer I’ve tasted. The food here is amazing and caught me by surprise, the beer is made in-house and also has Quebec beer (and a very extensive list at that) and finally a place that plays rock music and 90’s music (last Saturday they played Faith No More, The Verve, Foo Fighters, etc..) I recommend this place to everyone. Make sure you get there early as it gets very busy.

This list is only the beginning, there are so many brewpubs in Montreal. If you’re a beer lover, come stop by Montreal to try some of the worlds best beer! In the meantime, I’ll be checking out other bars and places such as Birra, Distillerie, Brutopia, Brasserie McAuslan and more!

Websites: ( to check out other businesses on this street)


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