Saturday nights on rue St. Denis

Another beautiful Saturday and yet another night spent on St. Denis street, which is still having multiple events going on until the end of the month. The street south of Sherbrooke is car free, allowing pedestrians to take over the streets.

Plenty of cool cars were shown, part of Just for Laughs fest, mainly old cars from the 40s and before, as well as the very first Lamborghini, was shown.

The beautiful surroundings of the Latin Quarter in downtown.  I honestly wish this part of the street was car free all summer long, especially with all the events.  In front of us was a dancing show, part of the circus events going on all of July, and while I did see some of it, it was very hard to get a good view of it.


I stopped by Le Saint Bock again, which I will write more about in another update. The beer they make is simply amazing and strong. I had the sweet Jesus (11.4%) Scotch ale beer, the grand verglas (11%) on the left, and the one on the right, a free beer due to a mistake and I have no idea which one that is, but it was great regardless.

After a couple of beers, a marching band in corpse makeup made an appearance. They brought amazing beats and cool pyrotechnics.



This performance was honestly amazing and struck a chord in me, as I used to be in the drum corps in high-school, so drumming means so much to me. Hearing the beats of the snare drums and high and low toms in fast rhythms with a heavy beat made me think of those great times and made me more in tune with the music.


And here is a video of some of the performances.

Another successful night on St. Denis street, which is one of my favourite party streets downtown. loaded with amazing murals, restos, bars and clubs, this street has it all!

Here’s a previous post of last Saturday, also on St. Denis street


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