A sunny day downtown

Taking advantage of a day off and the beautiful weather, I decided to make a quick trip downtown to check on new construction, restaurants and events. It seems that every time I visit downtown, a new shop opens up, or there’s a new event happening. Now that it’s summertime, more updates will be coming out on the numerous new things popping around town.


Roccabella phase 2 almost topped out, with Le Drummond condos on the left side almost nearing its final height. All these buildings are from the 1st wave of the building boom to hit downtown in the past 5 years, with the 2nd wave starting this year, which isn’t surprising as downtown Montreal is gaining between 4-5,000 new residents per year.


Holiday Inn hotel and rental complete, with YUL Phase 1 nearing completion. Phase 2 will start next year and will continue to transform Boulevard Rene-Levesque.


A new 15-floor condo going up right across from YUL, with another 26-floor hotel or condo going up behind soon.


An open air museum on Sherbrooke street, showcasing 200 flags! this is for Montreal’s 375th anniversary. Many new public artworks have been added as well. Fun fact: Montreal is home to 200+ ethnic groups.


Taking a stroll in lovely Old Montreal, this area was just recently renovated with new cobblestones and much wider sidewalks.


Old Montreal showcasing its European charm and flavour.



  1. Love Montreal too! But your title is off: the wheather today is 20 C with light rainshower (forecast from Environment Canada). For June, It’s freezing! So, yes do visit Montreal. It is lovely down here but better have a jacket.


      1. Seriously ha, ha, it was so cold today (for June) that I’m beginning to have doubts about global warming… Nice pictures of Montreal though!


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