Mural hunting Montreal. 

As seen on this blog before, Montreal is a huge hub of murals and street art, making our walls alive and adding colour to our already beautiful city. Here are more murals from mural fest last week and from around the city, mainly in other parts of Le Plateau and downtown.

Chinatown mural, made by Bryan Beyung and Gene Pendon and produced by MU Montreal.

A mural by Curiot for mural fest 2015

Awesome mural made by Zema for the 2014 edition.

Half a wall made by astro for mural fest 2015

Other half wall of Astros wall.

New mural underway, made by Aydin Matlabi and Miss Me

Earth crushers wall for mural 15

A wall made by Turtle Caps on Duluth, another street with tons of street art.

Very large wall made by Roa for the very first edition of mural fest, which took place in 2013.

Wall made by Stare and Tchung in 2013

A classic mural in Old Montreal, in addition to the mural, I wanted to show the surroundings of this part of downtown.

Wall by Waxhead on the walls of the sun youth organisation.

One of my favourite murals made by Pixel Pancho for the 2013 edition.

A mural made this year by Hoarkor, showing love for MLS team Montreal Impact.

A small mural found in an alleyway, which are also amazing places to see murals and graffiti.

More art updates will be coming up soon! As mural wraps up, as well as more art being made with other events and parties.



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