Downtown Montreal adventures part 2

A continuation of photos from yesterdays walk in downtown Montreal.

As the first two photos show, the downtown area has a unique urban build. From old victorian row houses to shiny new glass towers 2 blocks away.

One more of the amazing and continuing transformation occurring near the Bell Centre. L’avenue  (blue/black glass tower in the middle) is the tallest residential building in the city…. for now. 

The brand new Maison de la danse. The new building is dedicated to dance and cultural facilities, as well as the glass facade turning into a giant projection screen for events.

Continuing the rapid transformation going on at Place Des Arts is the new national film board of Canada’s headquarters. Currently under construction. This building will also have space for cultural facilities and has the goal to interact with pedestrians. In the foreground we see activities for Montral en lumiere, which is in its last week.

Art piece for Art Souterrain (underground art) taking place in the underground city of Montreal. I will be back to take more pics of this, as it’s very spread out. 

A common sight in the eastern part of downtown, where street art takes the spotlight.


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