Making a case for best art city in the world

Art has always been a part of the Montreal culture, either it be public art, murals, graffiti, etc… art has always been prevalent here. I remember as a kid going under an underpass in Anjou and seeing bright neon green colours and various other graffiti (which is sadly long gone now). As time passes, we’re seeing many new awesome murals and other various arts all over the city, which brings a new energy and vibe, a very positive one.


You can see art here on the many blank walls in the city, or discover a new alley that shows hidden art and also shows the character of this city. They’ll be many times where we’d see a bunch of art in a back alley and right after discover a new amazing neighbourhood.



Montreal is becoming an open air art gallery, every year hundreds of new art works are added in the city, keeping things fresh and interesting.



I love how no matter what, I’ll find something in the city, something that someone put so much time and effort into it to make a name for themselves. Montreal is very unique due to the amount of art you’ll find, and I’m happy that it keeps on growing. Because of this, I’ve discovered new places, met new people and has made my love for art even stronger, and that is why Montreal makes a claim for best art city in the world.


One last thing, don’t you love how large the murals are here!? If you’re an art fanatic, you’ll love Montreal, you’ll feel at home here.


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