Downtown core/area map


Hey everyone! i took the liberty to make a sort of map of the downtown Montreal core/area. In black is the downtown core/entertainment district, teal is old Montreal, Fuchsia is the up and coming Griffintown, and lavender is the gay village/ eastern downtown.  I also put some metro (subway) lines that pass through downtown, green line, orange, and yellow (for big concerts/La ronde amusement park, a six flags owned amusement park). To the left of the core is Mount Royal, where you’ll enjoy nature in a sanctuary as well as beautiful views of the city.

Points of Interests:

St. Catherine’s street for shopping, Atwater-Guy street is the unofficial Chinatown 2/Koreatown, Guy until St.Hubert street, a bunch of shopping stores, bars, small stores, strip clubs, etc..

Sherbrooke street for Museums and some high end shops, Victorian era row houses.

Rene-Levesque: the business street, hotels, near parks.

Crescent Street: Bars, upscale clubs, etc…

Bishop Street: Bars, clubs, etc..

Peel street: Bars, hotels, Victorian era row houses.

St. Laurent street: strip clubs, bars, clubs, restaurants, trendy stores, entrancement to Chinatown

QDS: Entertainment district with live shows, cultural, museums, art

St. Denis Street/Quarter Latin: Bars, restaurants,clubs,  Latin feel with architecture etc…

Underground city: connecting all of the downtown core, 3 major shopping malls

Old Montreal: All of it


For more info:,_Montreal,84222189&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL





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